Application of Weighing Controller in Glass Batching System

2022-12-30 11:28:49

In our daily production and living environment, glass has become one of the product materials that are closely related to us, from ordinary doors and windows, high-transparency glass for small handicrafts, to automotive supplies, tempered glass for building structures, from household From glass, to the thin tempered glass on the surface of mobile phones, it can be found in almost every field. So how is this product that condenses the wisdom of generations of human beings produced?

Glass is made of sea sand, quartz sandstone powder, soda ash, dolomite and other raw materials, configured according to a certain ratio, melted at high temperature in a furnace, and then processed through multiple strict processes. Whether the glass is good or bad and whether it is qualified or not is largely related to whether the ratio of raw materials is strictly in accordance with the formula, so the accuracy of the ingredients has become one of the key links in glass production.

Next, let’s understand the application of weighing controllers in glass batching system. There are roughly two applications of weighing instruments in glass batching:

One is to read the weight signal of the material measured by the load cell, display it and convert it into an industrial standard signal and send it to PLC or other industrial computer for further processing. The weighing instrument itself does not participate in depth control, but only sends the signal to The industrial computer is controlled by the industrial computer.

In addition to reading the weight signal of the load cell to the material, another weighing instrument has its own PID control program to enable it to perform multi-material batching operations. We call this type of weighing instrument a weighing controller. The control of the industrial computer can be omitted, and the calculation and control of the glass ingredients can be directly carried out.

Using the latter for ingredient control will bring you more convenience. It can save you a development team in ingredient control, greatly shorten the R&D cycle, and allow you to gain more convenience in engineering construction.


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