Automatic Quantitative Packaging Machine for Weighing Instruments

2022-12-30 11:46:40

With the continuous improvement of mechanical automation level, weighing controller is used more and more in quantitative packaging system. Quantitative packaging machine is a device specially used for prepackaging products according to a limited quality range. It is widely used in various industries such as grain, chemical fertilizer, feed and light industry that require quantitative packaging and sales. Weighing and packaging technology has roughly gone through several stages such as manual weighing, relay control, PLC control and weighing instrument control. Compared with other methods, the control method based on weighing instruments is more convenient and worry-free while ensuring accuracy, high speed, and high efficiency. Only one instrument is needed, and weighing control can be completed without PLC and a lot of programming settings.

Working principle of quantitative packaging machine based on weighing instrument:

1. The composition of the packaging machine

The weighing automatic quantitative packaging machine is composed of a feeding part, a weighing part and a discharging part.

The feeding part is divided into storage hopper and feeding device. The storage hopper is used to store the materials that need to be filled, and the feeding device mainly provides materials to the weighing hopper. The weighing part is the weighing bucket, which measures the weight of the object by adding a load cell. The unloading part is used to complete the unloading and bagging process of standard weight materials. As shown in Figure 1, it is the composition diagram of the packaging machine.

2. Working principle

The flow chart of the working principle of the weighing automatic quantitative packaging system is shown in Figure 2.

When there is enough material in the storage, the material flows from the storage hopper to the feeding port, and the feeding device fully opens the material door to enter the large feeding state. When the maximum feeding weight is reached, close the small feeding door, enter the medium-speed feeding state, and proceed in sequence until the small feeding weight is reached, completely close the feeding door, and after a certain amount of air blanking, the weighing hopper is stable, and When the bag clamping mechanism is locked, the discharge door is opened, and the material enters the discharge chamber, and then falls into the bag to complete a packaging cycle.

3. Packaging control module based on weighing instrument

Packaging controllers and packaging scale instruments are weighing instruments dedicated to quantitative packaging control. On the one hand, they collect, transmit and display weighing signals, and on the other hand, they have precise operation capabilities according to the setting of target quantities. Chengdu Jufei’s quantitative packaging instruments are generally divided into incremental quantitative packaging and decremental quantitative packaging according to different principles. According to the speed of packaging, they are divided into double-scale packaging control and single-scale packaging control. They are widely used in feed, Chemical, food and other industries. While having the characteristics of precision, high speed and high efficiency, it also has good reliability and precision retention.

The following is the model and brief introduction of each weighing and quantitative packaging control instrument of Chengdu Jufei. For more details, please pay attention to the weighing instrument-quantitative control part.

Packaging control instrument JF-500B: the most commonly used incremental automatic quantitative packaging controller.

Packaging control instrument JF-500F: Automatic quantitative packaging instrument for subtraction measurement.


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