How Checkweighers Work?

2023-01-11 17:11:21

With the development of industrial automation and the strengthening of national supervision over the food and pharmaceutical industries, the application range of online checkweighers is becoming wider and wider. The medicines, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. we use in our daily life are closely related to the checkweigher. How does the checkweigher work? Next, Shanxitek, an expert in the field of weighing, will tell you about it.

How Checkweighers Work

Online checkweigher, as the name suggests, is to realize high-speed and high-precision weight detection of products moving on the production line, and compare the detected weight with the preset upper and lower limit ranges, and automatically sort out the products that are too light or too heavy.

The online checkweigher is mainly composed of a sorting part, a weighing part and a sorting part. The products to be checked are queued up on the assembly line, and the running speed is increased through the material belt to ensure that there is enough space between the products to avoid two products on the weighing platform at the same time. After the product enters the weighing platform of the checkweigher, the system recognizes that the product to be inspected enters the weighing area according to external signals (photoelectricity, threshold). The weighing part completes the collection of weight signals, and sends the weight signals to the controller for processing to obtain the dynamic weight value of each product. The sorting part is used to convey the tested products out of the weighing area, and to reject the unqualified products. According to the shape and weight of the product, the methods of rejecting by the checkweigher include air blowing, push rod, flap, etc.

The wide application of online checkweighers has greatly improved the efficiency of product weight detection and optimized the production process for manufacturers in all walks of life, thereby helping them control costs, eliminate waste, and increase profits. Shanxi Tektronix Instrument Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and application of checkweighers. For more product information, please visit the company website for detailed inquiries.


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