How to ensure the normal operation of the high precision weight loss scale

2022-12-29 15:43:30

In order to ensure the normal and accurate operation of the high-precision loss-in-weight scale, the following details must be paid attention to during installation and use:

1) The installation and fixing of the weighing platform of the weightless scale is effective and reliable: since the load cell is an elastic deformation element, external vibration will interfere with it. When lifting the scale body, it should be ensured that the scale body is free from vibration as much as possible;

2) There should be no air flow in the environment: In order to improve the weighing accuracy, the sensor selected for the weightlessness scale required by high precision is very sensitive, and any wind and grass will affect the load cell, so the indoor airflow controlling the installation environment of the weightlessness scale is also One of the important ways to ensure the normal operation of the high precision weight loss scale;

3) Scale body connection: the upper and lower soft connections should be light and soft, so as to avoid the interference of the upper and lower equipment on the weightlessness scale. The most ideal material used recently is smooth and soft silk;

4) The distance between the silo and the hopper: the shorter the connection distance between the large silo and the upper hopper, the better, especially for those materials with strong adhesion, when the connection distance between the large silo and the upper hopper The longer it is, the more material adheres to the tube wall. When the material on the tube wall adheres to a certain extent, once it falls, it will cause a very big disturbance to the weight loss scale;

5) Minimize the connection with the outside world: the external weight acting on the scale body of the weightless scale must be kept constant in order to reduce the influence of external force on the scale body;

6) The feeding speed should be fast: in order to make the feeding speed as fast as possible, it is necessary to ensure the smoothness of feeding during the feeding process. For materials with poor fluidity, in order to prevent them from bridging, the best solution is to add mechanical agitation in the large silo. The biggest taboo is the broken arch of the air flow, but the agitation cannot run all the time. The most ideal is the process of agitation and feeding Keep consistent, that is, keep in sync with the feed valve;

7) The lower limit value of feeding material and the upper limit value of feeding material should be set appropriately: the guiding idea of setting is that the bulk density of materials in the hopper between these two quantities is basically the same. This can be obtained by observing the frequency change of the inverter. When the bulk density of the materials in the hopper is basically the same, the frequency of the inverter basically does not change much. Proper setting of the lower limit value and upper limit value of feeding can improve the control accuracy in the feeding process, because it has been said before that the weight loss scale is in static control during the feeding process, if the frequency converter frequency before and after feeding can be maintained at the same The measurement accuracy of the feeding process is basically guaranteed. In addition, in the case of ensuring that the bulk density is basically the same, try to reduce the number of feeds, that is, try to feed more materials each time. The two contradict each other and should be considered as a whole. This is also the key to whether the accuracy in the feeding process can be guaranteed;

8) The feeding delay time should be set properly: the guiding idea of the setting is to ensure that all the materials have fallen on the scale body, and the shorter the setting time, the better. It has been said before that the weight loss scale is under static control during the feeding delay time, so the shorter the time, the better. This time can also be obtained by observation. During the debugging period, you can first set the delay time to be longer, and observe how long the total weight on the scale will not fluctuate (will not become larger) after each feeding is completed. stabilized (the total weight on the scale body decreases steadily), then this time is the appropriate delay time for feeding.


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