Precautions for Weighing Controller Calibration

2023-01-10 10:11:12

How to calibrate the weighing controller? What precautions should be taken when calibrating a weighing controller?

●After using the new system for the first time or replacing the instrument or sensor, it must be calibrated before use.
●There are generally two modes of calibration, one is physical calibration (generally two points are required to be calibrated, one point is the zero position, and one point is the range), and the other is digital calibration. For most weighing systems, physical calibration is required. Only when physical calibration cannot be used on site, digital calibration is used. Digital calibration cannot eliminate mechanical errors. Its accuracy is related to the sensitivity, range, and 4-wire of each sensor. system or 6-wire system, the setting of the division value or range of each instrument, the signal loss of the junction box and the signal loss on the cable.
●Before calibration, set the division interval and range.

●The instrument should be powered on for at least 15 minutes before calibration to make the sensor and instrument thermally stable.
●Before the system is calibrated, the sensor cable and the cable between the junction box and the instrument should be tied up. After the calibration is completed, do not arrange the cable between the sensor and the instrument, especially when the cable is relatively long.
●Before the new equipment is calibrated, the scale body must be pressed with a full-scale heavy object for more than 8 hours to stabilize the mechanical structure of the equipment, otherwise it may happen that after a few days of calibration of the new equipment, the reading of the instrument may change suddenly, resulting in inaccurate weighing .
●Some instruments have zero tracking function, it will not automatically turn off the zero tracking function during calibration, so you must manually turn off the zero tracking function, and then turn it on after calibration.

●During the calibration process, wait until the system is stable (after the MD indicator light of the instrument is off), and then press the confirmation key to accept the current weight value.


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