What are the categories of weighing instruments?

2023-01-11 17:18:35

Weighing instrument, also known as weight display, weighing controller, is used to measure the electrical signal transmitted by the sensor, and then process and display the weight reading through special software, and further transmit the data to printers, large-screen displays, and computer management systems.

1. Weighing instruments can be divided into two types according to their usage: one is open-loop control type, and the other is closed-loop control type. The open-loop control instrument only has a weighing display without I/O function, and is mainly used for truck scales, ground scales, platform scales and other weighing instruments that only require displaying weight. The closed-loop control instrument has an I/O circuit, which controls the work of the external equipment according to the size of the weighed weight. This type of instrument is mainly used in industrial scales with external actuators such as quantitative packaging scales and batching systems. Of course, as a category that buyers particularly like, it is deeply loved by merchants because of its excellent functions that help merchants reduce labor costs and save time costs.

2. Weighing instruments are divided into functions according to functions: weighing display, weighing transmitter, weighing controller, etc.

3. According to the application occasion, it is divided into: dynamic weighing instrument (belt scale, screw scale, quantitative feeder, weightless feeding and other equipment can be used). Static weighing instruments (platform scales, platform scales, truck scales, rail scales, quantitative packaging equipment, batching controllers, weight transmitters, etc.)

4. The installation method is divided into: panel installation, guide rail installation, desktop, on-site

5. According to the area of use: conventional type, explosion-proof type, intrinsically safe type

6. Weighing methods include: weight calibration, digital weighing instrument, calibration-free instrument


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