Application of Modbus Protocol in Load Cell Indicator

2022-07-27 14:33:18

With the popularity of the Modbus protocol, the demand for load cell indicators to connect to PLC controllers is also increasing. Modern industrial weighing is not the previous manual operation, but automated information and data collection. Whether it is an automated batching, filling or packaging workshop, flow operation and high efficiency have always been the pursuit of enterprises and the fundamental purpose of our weighing indicator manufacturer. The load cell indicator fundamentally solves these problems through the support of the Modbus communication protocol.

Load cell indicator for automatic weighing

Fundamental properties of the Modbus protocol

Regardless of the function of the load cell indicator, they are equipped with RS232 or RS485 communication interfaces, which are the basis for connecting to the Modbus protocol. Because Modbus is a serial communication protocol, this protocol is often used in serial, Ethernet, or other networks that support Internet Protocol. It allows multiple (about 240) devices to be connected on the same network to communicate, and in supervisory control systems for data acquisition (SCADA), it is often used to connect supervisory computers and remote terminal control systems (RTUs). In addition, all PLC and HMI products currently have serial ports, and 95% of the products support MODBUS-RTU. The technology of the Modbus-RTU protocol supported by the load cell indicator is also constantly optimized. The current conventional connection methods are as follows:

1. Read the weight displayed by the meter.

2. Control instrument tare, reset, tare, print, digital tare, etc.

3. Remote calibration, configuration parameters, loading preset target values, etc.

4. Monitor the running status of the instrument, including monitoring the preset points.

5.Read the extended input port of the instrument and the extended output port of the control instrument.

The access of load cell indicator to Modbus protocol is not only a breakthrough in the field of industrial weighing, but also lays a solid foundation for the development of industrial communication protocols.



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