Automatic checkweighing controller for checkweighers

The efficient output of the checkweigher is inseparable from the automatic checkweighing controller. However, in the development of dynamic weighing technology, it is not as easy as we think to choose a useful automatic checkweighing controller. The so-called “easy to use” refers to our subconscious inertial thinking about product quality, price and brand. But I think a good automatic checkweighing controller should be a multi-function and multi-channel weighing instrument.

automatic checkweighing controller for checkweighers

Criteria for a useful automatic checkweighing controller

A “easy to use” automatic checkweighing controller performs static weighing and dynamic sorting and weighing according to a predetermined work plan. Because the sorting scale works in an industrial environment, there are various disturbances on site, which affect the normal operation of the scale. Therefore, in addition to hardware anti-jamming measures, software anti-jamming measures are also very important and indispensable as the second line of defense. A perfect software system should not only carry out functional design, but also carry out anti-interference design to improve the reliability of the system. At this time, the anti-interference design of EMI and digital signal input and output channels can solve this problem in time. What’s more, the collected weight signal is often accompanied by a digital interference signal, so the stability of the collected data must be judged first, and then the digital filtering process is performed.

The standard of “easy-to-use” automatic checkweighing controller is not only the subconscious thinking form, but also the selection of suitable products based on the working conditions in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.



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