How do we avoid errors in weighing controller

2022-08-01 17:18:06

Weighing controller also commonly called load cell controller, which is mainly used for batching, sorting and weighing detection and control in industrial and agricultural production. However, with the development of industrial weighing, many manufacturers will only mention the new technology and features of the product in the copy, while ignoring the precautions of the weighing controller. Therefore, in order to avoid increasing maintenance costs later, I think the following knowledge points are worth referring to.

weighing controller for automatic weighing and control in industry and agriculture

Precautions for weighing controllers

In our subconscious mind, any manufacturer’s weighing controller will come with an installation manual, but a thick manual does not indicate the key points, although some text descriptions cannot express the specific meaning in detail, which makes us very at a loss. In my opinion, it is worthy of our attention to connect the ground wire of the weighing controller. Because a good ground wire can not only ensure the safety of operators, but also resist electromagnetic interference. However, if the ground wire of the controller is connected to the public strong current protection wire, it may cause interference to the controller. Therefore, we should regularly check (1-2 times a month) each connection point to avoid long-term oxidation or corrosion of the connection point. Secondly, the electronic weighing apparatus belongs to the weak current system, which is easily attacked by lightning and damages the components. In order to avoid being struck by lightning, we must unplug the power plug and the plug of the signal cable of the weighing platform, or add an anti-surge protector to the power circuit of the controller, so as to fundamentally avoid lightning strikes.

Learning more about the weighing controller can not only avoid maintenance costs in the later period, but also improve your skills. It is worth learning for each of us, I think.



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