How To Select Load Cell Weighing Scale with High Quality?

2022-07-13 11:06:18

Selecting high-quality load cell weighing scale is not as easy as we think. Because it belongs to a kind of industrial sensor after all, it is often used for weight measurement and control, so we can only see it in specific industrial weighing fields. Usually, the definition of high quality is basically determined from appearance judgment and product testing.

load cell for weighing machine

Appearance Judgment Method of High Quality Load Cell Weighing Scale

The load cell weighing scale is usually hidden inside the weighing controller or weighing instrument. It is mainly composed of the elastic body of the strain gauge. Secondly, the elastic body is usually made of steel or aluminum, which is strong and will not deform. In theory, steel or aluminum will deform to some extent under load, but then return to its original position, responding elastically to each load, these very small changes can be obtained by strain gauges, which are then passed through the elastic body The deformation determines the weight of the object.

Product Test Methods for High Quality Load Cells

Find the load cell weighing scale connection terminal in the weighing controller (weighing indicator), and measure the sensor connection circuit. Under normal conditions, the excitation voltage (between EXC+ and EXC-) is 5-10V, and the output voltage (between SIG+ and SIG-) is between When the device is no-load, it is close to 0, which is less than the maximum output of the sensor. (The maximum output of the sensor = excitation voltage * sensor sensitivity, the sensitivity of the checkweigher sensor is mostly 2mV/V), if it exceeds this range, contact the manufacturer to apply for a replacement sensor.

Although there are many ways to judge high-quality load cell weighing scales, the ultimate goal is to find a sensor with high quality control to serve complex working conditions.



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