How to Troubleshoot Load Cell Controller?

2022-07-20 11:35:09

The failure of the load cell controller mainly occurs in the communication of the network port, and the communication failure of the network port is divided into two categories, one is the hardware, and the other is the mismatch between the software and the communication parameter settings. Typically, 32-bit or 64-bit modbus software is used to troubleshoot network port communications.

The key point of the Modbus troubleshooting method is the operation (calculation) speed of the built-in modbus in the computer, and the second is that there is no abnormal phenomenon in the network cable port or the natural feedback of the weighing controller under natural conditions.

Weighing controller with Modbus

Hardware check method of load cell controller


  • Test whether the network cable interface is normal through the indicator light at the network port slot.
  • If the green light is always on and the yellow light is flashing, it means that the network cable connection is normal.
  • If the two indicators are not the same brightness, you need to restart the computer at this time.
  • If the two indicators are not on, it is necessary to test the network port chip of the controller and the network port circuit fault.


Hardware check method of weighing controller

For more troubleshooting methods of load cell controller, usually use the command line to check whether the communication is successful, first power on the instrument, set the IP address and port number of the instrument, then open the command line window cmd of the computer, enter ping + the IP set on the instrument address, if the communication is successful, it will receive data packets from the IP address, if it shows that the target host cannot be accessed, it means that the communication fails.

To sum up, whether it is a quality control problem of the load cell controller or a human problem, it can be debugged through hardware and software. If you need more technical support, you can contact skyweighing’s technical support for more help.



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