Maintenance and renovation of weighing indicator

2022-08-31 11:27:48

Weighing indicator is likewise referred to as the load cell indicator. The weighing indicator applied in virtual weighing indicator belong to the magnificence of precision instruments. Installation, use and preservation want to be finished constant with the requirements withinside the manual to make sure the safety, normality and accuracy of the tool. Otherwise, the meter may be damaged or its provider life may be shortened.

Maintenance and renovation of weighing indicator

How to do it’s miles the regular manner to apply the weighing indicator

1. Installation: Generally, the tool need to be positioned in a clean, dry, ventilated and appropriate temperature environment. The role of the tool need to be constant and do now no longer flow frequently, in any other case it is able to reason the inner lead of the sign cable plug to fall off and reason malfunction. 2. Power deliver: Weighing indicator (which include 8142, 8530 and different series) commonly use 220V AC energy deliver, and the allowable voltage variety is usually 187V—242V. After converting the energy line, don’t forget to degree whether or not the voltage meets the necessities earlier than powering at the tool. Failure to use 380 volts to the meter with the aid of using mistake may also reason harm. In the activities wherein the energy deliver voltage fluctuates greatly, a voltage stabilizer with correct performance (which include CW kind AC parameter voltage stabilizer) need to be prepared to make certain the regular use of the tool. Do now no longer use the equal energy socket with sturdy interference sources (which include electric powered motors, electric powered bells, fluorescent lamps) to keep away from volatile tool show values. Some instruments (which include HAWK meters, etc.) are used for each AC and DC. When the usage of dry batteries, it need to be mentioned that battery leakage will harm the tool. When the battery isn’t used for a protracted time, the battery need to be removed.


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