The best batch weighing control solution

The best batch weighing control solution is the batch weighing controller. It is not only has the function of batching, but also has the function of automatic weighing control. By matching Modbus RTU and mobile receiver, we can remotely monitor the data and reduce the chance of being infected by viruses. As we all know, the batching system is a control system for automatic weighing and batching equipment used in industry and agriculture. The rational use of it can save a lot of labor costs for production, and can also bring sustainable benefits to enterprises.

The best batch weighing control solution

Batch weighing control solution in my eyes

Everyone has different batch weighing control solution. In my opinion, the basic batching weighing control solution includes conveying control, weighing batching, material mixing and stirring control and automatic control of various equipment such as packaging and canning, where the material involves powder, granule, block or flake shapes. Combined with material characteristics and process requirements, a variety of measurement methods such as single-material batching, multi-material sequence accumulation, batching weight reduction and weight loss scale batching are reasonably selected. Obviously, the batching weighing controller is not only satisfied with the function of batching weighing control, but also can realize the touch function of the instrument. It is equipped with the function of sensor fault detection, which can timely avoid the failure of module sampling and sensor disconnection. The built-in RS232 and RS485 communication interfaces, used with PLC controllers, can improve the efficiency of industrial production.

Maybe you have different batching weighing control solution in your eyes, but I think the batching weighing controller is the best choice to meet the requirements of industrial field production and to improve the efficiency of production.



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