The best solution for automatic batch weighing

The best solution to achieve automatic batching weighing is inseparable from the batching scale indicator. Because the automatic weighing and batching system is a batching equipment used for the automation of the production process of agricultural and animal husbandry products, the built-in automatic batching algorithm software must be used in conjunction with the associated batching scale indicator to achieve more with less. Among them, automatic feed batching and weighing is a common problem in animal husbandry factories, because some feed factories still use the method of flow meter or volume ratio or the measurement method of mechanical weighing indicator for batching, which not only leads to the inability to guarantee the process control of automatic feed batching weighing control system , and cannot increase production. In order to solve the current predicament, we should first understand the importance of batching scale indicators and batching systems.

The best solution for automatic batch weighing

Importance of batching scale indicator in automatic batching system

As we all know, the feed weighing system consists of 5 raw material tanks, 2 weighing tanks and 1 stirring tank. During the batching process, the raw materials are pumped into the weighing kettle under the action of the feeding motor, and the automatic feed batching system weighs the raw materials in the weighing kettle. Once the weight is qualified, the discharge valve of the weighing kettle of the automatic feed batching control system is opened. , Pump the raw materials into the stirring tank, wait for all materials to be weighed in the feed weighing module, then the stirring motor starts to work, and the automatic feed weighing and batching control system discharges the material after stirring, completing a complete feeding and weighing process. Just imagine, if the whole process is completely dependent on manual operation, the precision measurement of the product cannot be controlled. However, the built-in bucket collision protection and falling bucket monitoring and protection functions of the batching scale indicator can precisely control the feeding amount of raw materials, thereby increasing the transportation volume of feed on the conveyor belt.

Today, although the batching scale indicator is not common in other industries, with the development of the industry, it’s exposure will also increase.


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