The difference between packing scale indicator and belt scale indicator

Although both packing scale indicators and belt scale indicators are weighing indicators(load cell indicator), many people cannot distinguish them due to the difference in function and number of channels. From my point of view, understanding their different product attributes and specific applications can solve our confusion.

Talking about packing scale indicator

pack scale indicator for packing weighing

The packing scale indicator can not only control quantitative packaging, but also suitable for other weighing applications such as gap type flow accumulating scales, bucket packing double scales, ton packing scales with intermediate bags, valve port scales or filling scales. It has the ability to control the sequence of actions such as feeding, fast feeding, intermediate feeding, fine feeding, unloading, bag clamping and bag tapping, which can eliminate the need for an external program generator and greatly improve the sequence control performance of the quantitative scale. . From the perspective of product attributes, its static and dynamic self-checking functions can reflect the running status of the weighing system in real time through the display screen, and can give alarms in time, thus facilitating the operation and maintenance of the instrument. Secondly, the filter function can be set to play an adjustable multi-level digital filter function for stray interference waves generated by electromagnetic and mechanical vibration. In addition, the production process prompt function The instrument can know the current running status and error alarm information of the equipment through character and cursor prompts in the production process control, so that the equipment can control the packaging status in time.

Practical application of belt scale indicator

Belt scale indicator is a high-precision, high-reliability and high-performance control instrument specially designed for belt scales. It is suitable for feeding all kinds of bulk or powder materials, and it can continuously and dynamically weigh and accumulate and control the flow of materials during the feeding process. Its attributes are all digital and parameter input setting methods, and the system has physical calibration and analog calibration functions. The data storage adopts the FLASH method. When the system is powered off, it can automatically save various process data. After the system is powered on again, the system keeps running on the original process parameters. The use of DCS can realize remote control operation. It has extremely high resistance to static electricity, sparks and electromagnetic interference, so as to ensure the stability of the product.

Whether it is a packing scale indicator or a belt scale indicator, as long as it can improve the production efficiency of the factory, it is the most suitable weighing indicator.



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