What is a packing weighing controller?

Packing weighing controller as also known as packing machine controller, it is a microcomputer that provides automatic quantitative control for automatic packaging machines and quantitative packaging scales. In addition to the plastic bag packaging machine, it is also compatible with dry powder mortar packaging and weighing functions, basically meeting the packaging and weighing measurement needs of modern industries. But some people do not understand the role of packaging controllers, and today I will take you into the veil of that.

packing machine controller for packing machine

Working principle of packing machine controller

Packing machine controller can accept the millivolt signal output by the weighing or tension sensor. After internal acquisition and processing, it calculates and displays the weight value of the material on the scale body, and compares the weight value of the material on the scale body with the set value. For comparison, once the weight value reaches the set value, the controller outputs a control signal to the execution equipment (such as stopping the hopper feeding and dropping bags, etc.). In addition, it adopts RFI anti-radio frequency and EMI anti-interference function, so as to avoid the external signal frequency band or the electromagnetic interference of the machine in the factory.

Generally speaking, packing machine controller is a multi-functional weighing device integrating automatic packaging control and quantitative weighing control. Compared with ordinary weighing controllers, it’s internal sensor types and processing chips are more complex.



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