What Is a Weighing Controller?

2022-06-10 16:22:03

Weighing controller is an industrial weighing device that integrates weighing, packaging, batching, automatic checkweighing and force measurement functions. It’s actual value comes from the physical value of load cells of different numbers (different channels). Based on different operating conditions, it can be matched with PLC controller and Modbus RTU communication protocol to solve the problem of industrial weighing.

 Weighing controller for weighing machine

Comprehensive Evaluation of Weighing Controller

Although the weighing controller has a development history of more than 100 years, it has not been widely used. From my point of view, as a type of electronic weighing instrument, it is based on Hooke’s law or the principle of lever balance of force to determine the calibration value of an object. The measurement of the product is targeted, and only engineers or purchasers who are engaged in industrial aspects can There will be demand. In addition, the installation method of the weighing controller is divided into embedded type and rail type, and the installation environment is not limited by the rail groove. Automatic weighing and millions of data records and queries are also unmatched by other industrial equipment. In most working conditions, the temperature difference will affect the measurement accuracy. The weighing controller adopts a fully sealed and automatic temperature compensation design, which can be used in different temperature and humidity environments and has a wider range of applications.

As there are more and more types of weighing controllers, but the multi-function and multi-channel number of load cells are rare, I believe that in the near future, it can become the main solution for weighing.



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