What is A Weighing Loadcell?

2022-06-30 10:57:51

Weighing loadcell is also called load cell sensor. It is converted into a standard electrical signal by other mechanics such as continuously applied tension, pressure or torque. It is widely used in weighing controllers, weighing indicators or other automatic weighing industries. So it is the best choice to choose the appropriate load cell based on different operating conditions.

weighing load cell for weighing machine

Commonly used of weighing loadcell types


  • Shear Beam Load Cell: suitable for weighing control of various ingredients such as floor scales, building materials ingredients, etc… Weighing capacity ranging from 100 kg to 50 tons!
  • S type Load Cell: For tension applications, suitable for static and dynamic loads.
  • Load Pins: Applications for measuring dynamic or static or lifting forces.
  • Compression Load Cells: used in truck scales, large platform scales, floor scales and hopper scales.
  • Tension Load Cells: Used for tension measurement, mainly for suspension applications.


Obviously, if there is no suitable weighing load cell, it is impossible to obtain a large amount of information that cannot be directly obtained by the senses. Many basic scientific research obstacles lie in the acquisition of object information, and the emergence of some new mechanisms and high-sensitivity detection sensors can often be used. Breaking through these fields, the development of load cells is a precursor to the development of some fringe disciplines.



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