Which type of weighing indicator do we need?

2022-07-07 11:23:31

Weighing indicators are also called load cell indicator, which are mainly classified by function. However, with the continuous innovation of weighing instrument technology, its function has gradually become very vague. In order to avoid the misleading of traditional factors, I think it is very necessary to understand the types of commonly used weighing instruments.

Classification of Weighing Indicators

the types of weighing indicator


  • Based on the functions of weighing instruments, it is mainly divided into packaging, batching, checkweighing, filling and force measuring weighing indicators.
  • Packaging weighing indicator is mainly used in the bagging machine, quantitative packaging machine or automatic sewing machine of the automatic packaging line. It provides precise values for quantitative packaging and weighing.
  • AUTO checkweighing indicator mainly provides accurate measurement results for the product weight classification screening of the sorting machine. Based on digital filtering and EMI anti-interference design, it is also used in other harsh conditions such as coarse slime treatment process or dust classification control.
  • Filling weighing indicator is mainly used for filling scales. It has functions such as barrel collision protection and barrel drop monitoring. It can automatically alarm in time and control the system to stop feeding.
  • Force measuring indicator is mainly used for the measurement of tension, pressure or torque. It supports RS232 or RS485 serial communication + PROFIBUS bus to provide accurate measurement results, and can be connected to PLC controller or Modbus RTU to provide remote data monitoring.


No matter what type of weighing indicator, its basic prototype is a single-function weighing instrument, but with the development of the industry, it has gradually become the main market for multi-function instrument measurement.



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