Why select packaging weighing controller to complete quantitative packaging

Although the quantitative packaging is not common, the popularity of packaging weighing controllers is increasing year by year. Secondly, the demand for food packaging and sub-packaging in various types of processing plants is also rising. Food packaging and sub-packaging not only require packaging machines, but also packaging and weighing controllers to pack and sort food. Therefore, understanding its function is the most important thing at present.

Features of Packaging Weighing Controllers

packaging weighing controller skyweighing

1. Built-in bag clamping function and automatic peeling function to improve the efficiency of packaging.

2. 3-speed feeding and MODBUS communication function, timely grasp the host computer for data exchange and status transmission.

3. Automatic correction of advance and 10 time delay setting functions are convenient for packaging of different types of products.

4. You can choose any language interface to reduce the difficulty of operation.

5. With 4-channel function, 4 packing machines can be connected at the same time to improve work efficiency.

As a measuring instrument in the industrial field, the packaging weighing controller is well known for its automatic quantitative packaging effect, and what is waiting for it is the proof of time.


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